Black Hills


         Stumpy’sms, what pray tell is a Stumpy'ism?
Why should I care?

In order to answer these nagging questions we must first learn who Stumpy is! You mean Stumpy is a person!


Yes dear reader, Stumpy is my brother Jason. So I guess I should explain the Story of How Stumpy got his name. You see Jason is a bit shorter than the rest of us Herreman boys, and being that I am such a wonderful brother, and Stumpy is such fun loving guy, I nicknamed him Stumpy. It took a few years of careful consideration to create this moniker for him. I had many false starts, but alas I persevered and I found a nickname that worked. Jason you are lucky I'm so tenacious!

Note the really cool picture of Stumpy above. He built a tower out of all the dominoes I owned, so we thought it deserved a picture. I think he is pretty proud of himself, what do you think? Anyway here’s the Stumpyisms.....

Of course a page on Stumpy would not be complete with out his sidekick Grumpy. Grumpy, Stumpy’s college roommate / climbing buddy / partner in crime is the other half of the party. Between the two of them the day is never boring.

Grumpy is a riot. When he gets going he really lays it on Stumpy. Grumpy is a consistent contender in the Battle To Keep Stumpy Humble. As evidenced by this little gag that came to fruition. One of Grumpy’s more hysterical moments was the creation of these t-shirts.

If you feel the need to join the “Super Stumpy Shot Crew” pick up your official apparel here.

Bonus Grumpy'ism:
     "You know Stumpy we would make a good sniper team."

Grumpy, just hanging out